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Beginners in society who have just joined the company as new employees suddenly have a lot of work to do alone. Among them, if you don’t have related expertise or information when you get a house alone, you are likely to get lost and you can suffer great losses. There is a rampant fraud in which brokers borrow certificates or registration certificates and set up brokerage offices to eat money and disappear, and there is also a method of intercepting lease deposits with double contracts. Most of the victims of these crimes are college students or beginners in society. Let’s learn how to choose a good real estate agent to get a good house and how to choose a good one.

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1. Find a place where you’ve been running for a long time

Having been in the brokerage business for a long time in one place means that credit has been built in that area. In addition, it can be a stable choice because it is bright for the local situation where the sale is located and it is bound to secure a lot of fixed customers and sales.

2. Let’s choose a broker close to the sale

When trading apartments or shopping malls, it is recommended to choose a shopping mall in the complex or a brokerage house located in the same building. When trading land for sale, it is recommended to select a brokerage house specializing inland, but choose a brokerage house located near the land.

3. Let’s check the certificate

Brokers who are unauthorized brokers or operate by renting permits cannot claim damages even if an accident occurs later. Businesses that have been licensed for real estate brokerage business can be easily checked because the permit must be attached to the office wall. It is essential to check whether the name of the license matches the broker or the representative of the brokerage house.

4. Let’s use a brokerage firm

Brokers, licensed real estate agents, and brokerage corporations have a different scope of handling brokerage goods and the number of damages that clients can claim. The compensation for damages that clients can receive in the event of a brokerage accident is also stipulated as 100 million won for brokerage corporations and up to 50 million won for certified brokers or brokers. If a licensed real estate agent office or brokerage corporation is used in an emergency situation, the financial damage can be reduced, so it is more stable.

5. Let’s use a place that is well versed in relevant laws and regulations

Real estate should judge not only the current location conditions but also future development prospects and property values. Forest and farmland are complicatedly intertwined with public law, so they must be well aware of the relevant laws and regulations. Before proceeding with the contract, it is recommended to select a brokerage firm that can comprehensively consult on future development prospects and rights analysis by asking related questions to the broker.

Experts advise that in order to prevent brokerage fraud and reduce damage as much as possible in the event of a brokerage accident, it is necessary to select a formally licensed brokerage house and check the broker’s capabilities. In particular, beginners in society who lack real estate-related expertise need to choose a good licensed real estate agent to prevent such accidents, research real estate-related knowledge on their own, and visit them to ask many questions to brokers.

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