Ft Belvoir and Surrounding Area Rentals

We hear a lot of talk about it being a "buyer's market" in Northern Virginia. That may or may not be true depending on where you want to live. But without a doubt it has become a Landlord's market when it comes to rentals close to Fort Belvor or the new NGA facilty in Springfield.

At least two or three times a week I get an email request from someone relocating to the area. They want a reasonable commute to Fort Belvoir, NGA or access to public transportation to DC. Easy enough to do. Then the hard part or perhaps the reality part hits. Most often they want a a 3 or 4 bedroom detached home with a garage for under $2000 a month. Unfortunately reality is the rental prices for a detached homes meeting this criteria starts closer to $2300 and more likely will be $2500 or more per month.

If you are coming to the Fort Belvoir or NGA you need to be prepared. If you increase your commute time you will have better luck finding a nice home in Prince William County at the $2000 price point. If you want to stay close to your new job then take a deep breath and be prepared for rental sticker shock.

Sample of Rentals Close To Fort Belvoir


Our team is glad to work with military and civilian families moving as part of BRAC 05 or PCS orders to the area.  We ask if you contact us to help with a rental that you understand the parameters of the local market.  Not all agents in the area will work with renters.  The simple fact is a rental transaction are time consuming and the compensation for completing a rental transaction is quite low.

Read our Ft Belvoir Rental Policy for more information.

If you are contacting multiple Northern Virginia agents we recommend you select just one to assist you as we all have access to the same database of rental properties.  You may also want to check MilitaryByOwner and AHRN.  Be wary of anything that looks to good to be true on Craigslist as there are a number of rental scams that pop up there on a regular basis.  For more inforation on relocating to Fort Belvoir check out the Fort Belvoir Website.

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