Ft. Belvoir Rental Appointment Policy

In a competitive rental market it is important to be prepared prior to looking at any home for rent.  Below we have created a check list of things you will need in order to rent a home in the Fort Belvoir or  surrounding area.  By providing these documents up front and have the remaining ready you will save yourself time, stress and possible frustration.

Things we require before your appointment to set *you* up for success:

1.  A completed NVAR Rental Application: This let’s us know you are serious about renting.  Make sure you provide us the documentation required for proof of income.   We will send you the application upon request.

2.  A copy of your Credit Score/Report-
You may be hesitant to provide such personal information, but every single landlord wants to know about the financial responsibility of their prospective tenant.  You can provide a credit report from one of the three credit reporting agencies.  As a consumer you are allowed to see a copy of your credit report 1 time a year for free.  You can order the report from: https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp

3.  A copy of your drivers license or military ID.  We are required to provide a copy of your ID along with a rental application.

If we schedule an appointment and it is confirmed we will not wait for more than 15 minutes for your arrival at our scheduled location.  If you are delayed due to traffic you can call, text or email us to let us know.  Unfortunately to many no shows over the years have made us determine that if you aren't there within 15 minutes of scheduled then you likely aren't going to show at all.

Please note each landlord has different requirements, some will accept a credit report you provide or that we provide while others will want to have it pulled through their listing office to verify accuracy.

You will see on the NVAR Rental Application that the owner will be checking your employment status and doing a check with previous landlords.   If your credit report shows a recent short-sale, foreclousure or bankruptcy please provide a simple letter of explanation.

Once you find a property that matches your criteria you will be required to provide certified funds for the first months rent at the time the application is presented to the landlord.  Most rental companies will accept a personal check or money order for the application fee but this does vary by company.


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